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Brain in Hand (BIH) is an amazing new digital tool that we use in our

coaching practice to help support our clients growth towards independence.

What is BiH?

  • Easy to use personalized web and mobile software

  • Live support accessible 24/7

  • Easy access to strategies that work 

  • Allows families to monitor daily successes

  • Empowers self-regulation        

  • Encourages independent living

  • Access fewer support services over time                 

  • BiH system puts people in control of their own care

  • Cost-effective 

  • A practical digital solution for the delivery of personalized care.


Brain in Hand is designed and to transform the model of independence

for people identified with Autism, Aspergers and other Neuordiverse challenges:



Short animation introduces the BIH system and the elements that comprise it

How the Program Works: 

Ideal for colleges and university students:  Higher Education - Employee and Student Support: 

Recent news coverage on BBC 


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