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Amy studied at Centennial College and received an Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Work and a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University. Amy is passionate about providing individuals with Autism the best opportunities to grow and explore, hence; the evolution of Ausome Opportunities was a natural fit. With encouragement from family and friends, Amy founded a weekend boys group focusing on fun, adventure and social fluency. She is the Recreation Manager at an Adult Residential Community, directs an inclusion overnight summer camp program and runs a winter ski camp at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone. Grateful for an amazing group of dedicated families, Amy believes strongly in community inclusion and advocates for the rights of all individuals to actively participate in their community. Amy has lived and worked in Toronto, British Columbia and California.

Shawn is a parent of a 24-year old daughter who is on the severe end of the ASD spectrum. For years he wanted to do more for the community and in 2018 Shawn co-founded Karma Country Camp to help fill a void in summer programs available for teens.  This newly created summer day camp, based in Aurora, Ontario specializes in teens on the Autism Spectrum ages 12+. 

After a great first year, Shawn joined forces with Amy, first as a volunteer and then as a valued partner. Together they have expanded their programming and services to offer a variety of critical independent life skills including self-care and socialization.  Shawn is a full time Life Skills Coach working exclusively with clients living with Autism or other Neurodiverse challenges. 


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